Frameless design > No joints or cracks

By consistently dispensing with frames and welding seams, our CS series products have a completely smooth and easy-to-clean surface without joints or cracks.

Fully integrated connectivity

WLAN, Bluetooth®, power supply unit and reader (RFID / NFC) are completely integrated in the housing of the HMI - without any protruding additional elements. This avoids hygiene and leakage risks that can occur with external connections.

Completely closed housing (IP69)

The HMIs of the CS series are completely closed in accordance with the IP69 standards. They also have a passive cooling system without fans or cooling fins.

V4A stainless steel housing

The housings of the CS series are bevelled towards the rear and have special hygienic screws without cracks, indentations or angular edges. This enables convenient and residue-free wiping and / or airflow cleaning.

High chemical resistance of all materials

The materials used are highly resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents commonly used in the industry.
Individual tests for special chemical substances are possible in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute Stuttgart.


Diverse mounting options - individual adjustments possible

Our various holding systems enable easy integration of the HMI in all areas of food production.
Whether support arm systems, wall brackets, laboratory workstations, ceiling mounts, or complete workstations - we find solutions for optimal implementation in your production environment.


Cable managements using standard cables

Standard cables can be used to connect the Food HMI. Thanks to the IP69 sealing grommet, cables no longer have to be cut in order to lead them through cable glands.
Peripheral devices can be connected to the Food HMI wirelessly via Bluetooth (R) / WLAN as well as wired.


Bayonet system

All holding systems are compact and space-saving. They also have a bayonet system for quick and easy assembly, which can be carried out by just one person.

Laboratory workstations
Support arms
Wall mounts


Fully integrated RFID / NFC readers

The IP69 Hygienic HMI from CAITRON can be equipped with integrated RFID / NFC modules (125 Khz and 13.56 MHz technologies). This enables seamless integration into cross-device integrated solutions for rights management and access control. Employees log on to the IP69 Hygienic HMI without contact using an RFID transponder. This means that access authorizations can be linked to existing authentication solutions (e.g. access control, time recording).

All RFID and NFC readers used are integrated directly into the housing of the IP69 Hygienic HMIs. This means that no additional component is required that has to be introduced into the hygiene-sensitive production environment or screwed onto the stainless steel housing.

Integrated Wifi and Bluetooth®

For the convenient connection of peripheral systems, the IP69 Hygienic HMIs have fully integrated Wifi and Bluetooth® modules.


P-CAP Multitouch

The P-CAP Multitouch enables intuitive and convenient operation as you know it from touch pads or smartphones. Drag & drop functions and operation with several fingers at the same time make the use of the IP69 Hygienic HMI more effective and easier.

Of course, the P-CAP touches used can also be operated with gloves or our detectable hygienic stylus.

The sensitivity of the P-CAP Multitouch can be easily adjusted to individual requirements using a software tool.

High resolution displays

The IP69 Hygienic HMI offers, thanks to the additional brilliance increase by means of optical bonding, optimal visualization on 17-24 inch full HD widescreen displays.


Water Detection

The P-CAP Multitouch is equipped with a water detection tool. This enables inputs to be made on the touch even if there is a large amount of moisture on the front. The water detection can also be individually adapted to your production environment and the gloves used.


Multifunctional button

The IP69 Hygienic PCs can not only be switched on and off using the multifunction button.

The CAITRON app, moreover, can be called up, which can be configured completely individually and has a virtual keyboard, brightness control and cleaning mode as standard.
A completely individual programming of the multifunction button can also be implemented at any time.



Betriebssystem-unabhängige Plattform

The CAITRON IP69 Hygienic HMI have a completely open platform and can be operated with a variety of operating systems.

These include, among others:

  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • IGEL
  • Linux (SuSe & Ubuntu)
  • Android


IP65 hygienic keyboards

All food HMIs can be equipped with brackets for hygienic keyboards. The keyboards are connected via Bluetooth® or wired, depending on the model. Individual connections to other keyboards are possible at any time.

Barcode scanners

Brackets for barcode scanners are available for all food HMIs and are attached directly to the holding system.



Detectable hygienic stylus with a stainless steel shaft and either a double tip or a holding cable are available for operating the P-CAP Touch.


Freely configurable input keys

The CAITRON app has a large number of freely configurable keys to generate shortcuts for keyboard inputs and function commands. This enables quick and easy access to frequently used commands and inputs.

As standard, the program has a NUM block, an ABC keyboard and a calculator. All buttons and commands used for this can also be changed and freely configured using the Admin Tool.

IP69 Hygienic HMI information at a glance

The software tool has an info function with which system information such as serial number, BIOS version, UUID etc. can be called up.

Cleaning mode

The cleaning mode can also be started using the CAITRON app. This deactivates all inputs and thus enables convenient cleaning.


Individual support

We support you from implementation to individual reader adaptation.

Free demo units

Convince yourself of our products in advance - free of charge and without obligation!

24/7 Service

We rely on direct contact and do not operate or arrange for call centers.
Whether in the middle of the night, on the weekend or on public holidays - our service will be happy to help you personally.

Immediate replacement

In an emergency, we do not hold you back with formalities, but send you a replacement device immediately for the duration of the repair.