Highest robustness

The stainless steel shaft offers maximum robustness and is also resistant to aggressive cleaning agents customary in the industry.

Hygienic design

The stylus is completely gap-free and has smooth surfaces. This makes it very easy to clean. Furthermore, the materials used are extremely resistant to aggressive acids, alkalis and cleaning agents.

Lost-proof and detectable

Thanks to the stainless steel cable, the stylus can be connected directly to the holder of the IPC. A misplacement or even loss of the touch pen is thus virtually excluded. Should the stylus nevertheless be lost and be in the product, thanks to the stainless steel shaft, it can be detected not only by x-ray equipment but also by metal detectors. Since the EPDM components are firmly connected to the stainless steel shaft, they can not be separated from the shaft even with great effort.

Technical Specifications
    Hygienic Stylus
Measurements Length:
140 mm
8,5 mm
42 g
Material Shaft:
Stainless steel
Touch compatibility   P-CAP Touch


  Glas Keyboard InduProof Touch InduProof Mouse Button
Number of keys 103 104 104
Key technology Capacitive Carbon contact Carbon contact
Dimensions 470 x 167 x 25,4 mm 340 x 165 x 16,3 mm 340 x 165 x 16,3 mm
Enclosure Plastic Silicone Silicone
Weight 950 g 800 g 800 g
Colour white black or lightgrey black or lightgrey
Interface USB USB USB
Switching force 0 N 2,0 N 2,0 N
Switching path 0 mm 1,0 mm 1,0 mm
Switching cycles N/A > 2 Mio. > 2 Mio
Mouse replacement Touch Pad (capacitive) Touch Pad (capacitive) Mouse Button (Hall Sensor)
Impermeability IP65 IP68 IP68
Operating temperature 0°C to + 60°C 0°C to + 70°C 0°C to + 70°C
Layout DE, US, other layouts on request DE, US, other layouts on request DE, US, other layouts on request
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